·       Flexible or at Your Own Budget.  

·       We don’t charge our clients for fixed hours. We only charge for the work completed.

·       All first-time customers will receive a Promo Rate of $3/hr.

·       All Regular customers will be charged for $4/hr rate.

·       All Website designs, please visit ( for the pricing. You can also choose to be charged under Flexible Terms which means we will only charge you for the hours consumed during the whole entire process.

·       If the tasks would take 10-30 minutes, we will sum up the total minutes /hours for the whole week. The result would be the total amount of hours we are going to charge from your credits purchased.

Sample Calculation:

Monday: 0.25

Tuesday: 0.16

Wednesday: 0.33

Thursday: 0.5

Friday: 0.31

Total minutes/hours: 1.55hours

Total Charge: 1.55 X $4/hr (regular rate) = $6.20 (except PP fee)

Sample Accounting Sheet

Direct Payment: 

If you wish to make a payment using your credit card or make a payment using (Click Me)



Refund Policy:


  • We will only allow refund if the work completed has been disputed within 24-48 hours time frame upon completion (For Real Time Tasks).
  • All refunds will be validated by both Client & Project Manager together with the Managing Director.
  •  All Accounting Sheet will be updated every Monday each week. All clients have the right to dispute within 24-48 hours (approximately Wednesday- Thursday the following week).