LandMasters is  composed of a team trained by the very own Luke Smith, an expert in real estate business based in the US. It is being managed by G.P.G Management Consulting and Research Center Corp. It is an idea that came into reality because of the support from Land Academy, David VanSteenkiste, and other great land investors who are into land business for quite a long time. We have learned so much from these Masters they are the reason why our Team grow and will continuously grow. Our goal is to help other land investors, big or small, grow their business and reach financial freedom. We believe that:  “Team Work Makes the Dream Work.”

Our process covers the start and end or the whole cycle of the land business.

For Due Diligence process, you can simply give us the property APN/parcel number and We can start from there as long as you get all your tools and websites logins ready.

In the table below you can see the General Category that we work on for Land Investors with the corresponding link/s where you can see specifics of the tasks to be completed in each category with the corresponding minutes/hours allocated in each field.