“Thank you LandMaster.US for all that you do. Your service has allowed me to catch up with my tasks and that gives me time to grow my business.”
I have had a great experience working with LandMaster.US. Before using LandMaster.US, I was manually working on everything associated with my business which prevented me from growing. I now have been working with the company for a couple months and I am able to focus more on the tasks that only I can do, which will allows me to scale my business quickly. Also, I used the company to create my website and to help create ads to drive traffic to my site and the results have been fantastic. Users who contact me are very impressed with my site and it instantly provides my business with credibility. LandMaster.US also services my site by posting ads, revising adds, customizing my site, and more, which has been very helpful for me. Redjie is the Project Manager that I have been working with most closely. He is very prompt with completing tasks, he communicates very well, and he has great attention to detail. I am very impressed with the service that he has provided me and the quality of work product the company requires of its virtual assistants.
These folks know how to do the things that need to get done that just don't get done if I am trying to do it myself. Do yourself a big favor... Let go, trust them, these people are all Mbps Dan Weiman
Gilian and her team have done an incredible job providing valuable services for our business thanks!
I am very grateful for Gillian and her team. They work very hard to please their customers. Whenever there is an issue, the team is quick to fix it!
We only have done 2 jobs with LandMaster.US. They have looked up information and done some pretty good due diligence on land we had them list on a few websites. Good communication and quick responses. We look forward to keep working with them and helping them better with experience and time, as we are doing the same.
Gilian and her team have been an indispensible resource for our company. Here are some of the tasks they help us with: -Gathering and organizing seller information -Due diligence -Making calls to counties and title companies -Creating deeds and supporting documents -Editing and organizing photos -Creating and posting listings -Managing e-mail inboxes The management system Gilian has put into place ensures quality control and easy communication. With this system, it will be easier to grow our team. Gilian is also great at replying to questions or concerns. She has a great diversity of skilled people in her company who can handle a variety of tasks from web development to daily bookkeeping. I would recommend working with Gilian and her VAs if you are seeking to free up time in your business to focus on growth. They have helped us take the next step in this business, and I know they can help other people too!
I enjoy very much working with Redjie and the group at LandMaster.US. They handle my postings, copywriting, and header information for my land business. It is a tremendous help to be able to send them a high volume of properties and then see my postings done within a few hours or 1 day. I personally work with Redjie and he is very responsive to my emails. They are kind. Of course, as with any company that has a high volume is customers, mistakes do happen. We all make mistakes. But its how we respond to mistakes that make us stronger. And I am very satisfied with how LandMaster.US responds when things are done incorrectly. Very professional. Never point fingers or neglect blame. It is always a solution oriented conversation. I recommend their services.
Great work. Dependable, good communication, high integrity!
I've work with Gil and her team every day. They help me do research, marketing, advertising and handle all my web development. They work hard and do a good job.
Gillian and her team are timely, do a great job and performed as requested. I will not hesitate to use her again for my real estate back office support work.
Gillian and her team are amazing. They're very responsive and completed very task I threw at them. They free up my time so I can focus on growing my business and spend time with my family.
The Landmaster team are a fantastic group to work with!  They learn quickly and are open to adapting to the specific needs of your business.  Exceptional value and an unbeatable work ethic make them an essential part of our team.
Hi Gilian, Just wanted to reach out to you to tell you that Remle is doing an AMAZING job for us. He has definitely become an integral part of this company even though he doesn't work directly for us. His work ethic is IMPRESSIVE.  I don't know what I would do without Remle because he has taken so many tasks off my hands so I can focus on other issues with the company. Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate Remle working with me.  He doesn't work FOR me.  To me, we work together to get things done around here. Keep up the great work!! You definitely have a wonderful employee on your team, Gilian.
Gilian and her whole team are amazing. I could not do this land business without them. The communication is great throughout the whole process of requesting a task to be done. And the task always gets done in a timely manner. 5 star rating for their services.
Nica has been great to work with. Her communication is very effective and she has been timely in completing any tasks and updating me. I would highly recommend Nica. Glad I get to work with her. As I continue to grow my business and have a need for more task delegation, I know I can count on her. Overall, Land Masters is the VA solution I needed. Cost effective, simple to use and straight forward. Plus, all the VAs already know how the land business works which is awesome! 10/10 experience so far. Thanks!
I appreciate the work they do at LandMaster.US. They have helped me to expand my business by taking some of the “busy work” off my plate and helping me to focus on more strategic work that grows the business and brings in income. I’m grateful for LandMaster.US and would definitely recommend them to other land investors.  
Hi Gilian and Land Masters team, E-mailing to thank you for helping with the sale of my property. You Delivered excellent work and, like magic, it led to the property being sold. Look forward to hiring you again.