We help people who are New to Land Business or are currently in  Land Business. We don’t provide classes; we only provide back office support. If you wish to enroll, you can contact Steven Butala & Jill DeWit or Joachim Jack Bosch & Michelle Bosch or other coaches who are into lands to join in their classes. If you wish to collaborate you can also contact Luke Smith for further assistance (760) 274-7711.



Consultation with Gil over the phone

1.1   Discuss work flow procedure and the entire workload for Land Investors

1.2   Finalize process flow for clients’ take on

Client’s on-boarding with Project Manager.

2.1   Discuss expectations and finalize tasks to be managed by LandMaster Team.

2.2   Finalize VA to handle in every department involved

2.3   Submit the Chart Flow of the team involved

Purchase credits to get started.

3.1   All first-time customers are entitled for a Promo Rate of $3/hr as a start. They can purchase as many credits they want. Once consumed, the rate will go back to regular which is $4/hr.

3.2   Once the credit purchased has been received by our Accounting Department, you will immediately receive your Accounting Sheet within 24 hours.

Get Started.

4.1   You can now begin sending your job request to Land Master Team.

4.2   Any issue you may encounter with the task must be reported immediately.