We make things Easy & Simple for You.

1.) Send your request to https://form.jotform.me/81118105493452 about EVERYTHING you need help with according to the list we’ve created for you, enclosing your corresponding budget. Or you take the different Options below.

FLEXIBLE TERMS. We charge based on the tasks completed despite how many minutes or hours it will take. Once the task is done,  we send  Invoice for Payment on a Task Basis or it will be deducted from any credits you purchased. 

WEEKLY TERMS. We charge based on the total minutes/ hours we work for the whole week by doing a sum-up: total hours completed multiplied by a base hourly fee agreed.  Weekly Invoice is sent for Payment every Saturday to be paid Monday the following week or it will be deducted from any credits you purchased.

FIXED TERMS. We charge based on the agreed hours and amount set in a weekly/monthly basis. It doesn’t matter if the hours will decrease as long as the assigned VA is set to be available on the agreed shift hours.  This applies mostly to companies who need a full time or a partime VA to help them accomplish their day to day task.  The VA under Fixed Terms Full Time CANNOT be assigned to anyone as per Internal NDA is concerned.

Below 20 hours weekly Above 20 hours weekly Website Design / Hourly Basis Website and Graphics Design- Fixed Terms
$5/hourly $4/hr $5-$6/hr To be discussed via phone or email


2.) Once the Job Request has been approved and agreed by the Client and LandMasters Project Manager, we start working the task. The Project Manager will delegate the task based from the clients prerogative and Project Management software to use. It can be Trello/ Email/ Wrike/ Asana, etc.

– It can be Flex where the company finds the best person to fit in with the Job Request.

– It can be a Fixed VA under Weekly and Fixed Terms. All VAs assigned are well-trained.

3.) Everything will be processed by the Operations and only the managers assigned on the Quality Department are the ones filtering all the work loads coming in for hours inventory and budget allocation. The Operations will have a Quality Support for tasks completed that are subject for quality monitoring.

Once completed with this step:

4.) You will receive a notification based on your chosen platform. It can be email/ trello/ wrike/asana/ etc. that the job requested were completed. If it’s email then it will come from info.landmastersus@gmail.com.

5.) You can let us know whether the work completed is good. If it needs revision or changes, we can process it again for you and close the ticket as soon as it is completely done and good.


NOTE: We work according to your Time Frame or Schedule.