• Flexible or At your Own Budget.  
  • We charge the paypal fee to the client.
Below 20 hours weekly Above 20 hours weekly Website Design / Hourly Basis Website and Graphics Design- Fixed Terms
$5/hourly $4/hr $5-$6/hr To be discussed via phone or email
  • We provide the most flexible payment options and purchases. 
  • We don’t charge our clients for fixed hours.
  •  We only charge for the work we do.
  • If the tasks would take 10-30 minutes, we will sum up the total minutes for the whole week                                                               and that’s the total amount of hours we are going to charge from clients.

Direct Payment: 

If you wish to make a payment using your credit card. (Click Me)


Refund Policy:

  • No refund once we process the work for you. However, You can dispute the hours just in case and ask us for any changes.
  • We considered refunding when we find our work absolutely with no sense.